Cellular adaptation and Cellular aging

cellular adaptation

CELLULAR ADAPTATION & CELLULAR AGING CELLULAR ADAPTATIONS These are reversible changes in the size, number, phenotype, metabolic activity or functions of cells constitute cellular adaptations. Types of adaptations: Hypertrophy, hyperplasia, atrophy and metaplasia. Hypertrophy Defnition: Increase in the size of the tissue or organ due to increase in the size of cells Causes Increased functional…Read moreRead more

Notes on Cell Injury(Apoptosis,Necrosis,Gangrene)

Cell injury

CELL INJURY (Apoptosis,Necrosis,Gangrene) Defnition: Cell injury is the effect of stresses due to variety of etiological agents on the cell. Causes of Cell Injury 1.Hypoxia: It refers to inadequate oxygenation of tissue. Causes of hypoxia: •(a) Decreased blood flow is called ischemia. (b)• Inadequate oxygenation of the blood (hypoxemia) – Due to pulmonary disease. –…Read moreRead more