Notes on Axilla and Brachial plexus

Axilla and brachial plexus

 Notes on AXILLA  AND BRACHIAL PLEXUS Axilla:- INTRODUCTION:-  ‘Truncated pyramidal’space between upper part of arm and chest wall has 4 walls, apex, base.   Contents of The Axilla -Axillary artery and its branches -Axillary vein and its tributaries -Infraclavicular part of brachial plexus -Intercostobrachial and long thoracic nerves -Axillary lymph nodes -Loose areolar tissue and…Read moreRead more

Notes on Pectoral Region and Anatomy of Breast

pectoral region

  Notes on PECTORAL REGION AND MAMMARY GLAND(BREAST) Muscles of the pectoral region.   1. Pectoralis major muscle 2. Pectoralis minor muscle 3. Subclavius muscle Pectoralis major:- Origin:- (1).Clavicular head;from the front of the medial third of the clavicle.     (2).Sternocostal head; from the anterior aspect of the sternum and the upper six costal cartilages….Read moreRead more